Full services from custom design to installation of products and systems.

ships & yachts

In addition to the production of fire doors and windows, we offer following high added value services:

  • Mechanical installation, electrical cabling and commissioning of automatic doors. including after-sales maintenance services for ships cruising in Caribbean Seas and Far East (China) area.
  • Design and production of custom made metal ceilings for public areas of cruise ships from first on-board survey to final onboard installation.
  • Supply of spare parts for doors and ceilings (including custom made parts).
  • Full repair or replacement of products (including custom made parts) for the interiors of ships cruising in the Far East (China) area including first technical surveys.



We create interiors with “turnkey” formula for private buildings, offices, commercial buildings, pharmacies managing all the steps of the contract as demolition, flooring, walls, coatings&finishing, systems, internal and external fixtures, fittings.

We have a multidisciplinary know-how in different fields of architectural, structural and system design to guarantee your targets: delivery, quality and cost control.

Upon request we provide consulting services for acoustics:

  • environmental and building acoustics (noise impact of road traffic, railways, aviation, industrial sites and shipyards; optimal design of screens and barriers for buildings, calculation of reflections from buildings, noise testing according to the standards of reference).
  • industrial acoustic (new or retrofit design of industrial plants).
  • internal acoustic (optimal design of rooms, auditoriums, recording studios, clubs, indoors spaces in general, with respect to sound quality, design and validation of the sound system).